Wooden Ceiling

Regenerative and Circular Economy

Our sustainability practice stems from critically thought business models, raw materials, and product packaging.   We have moved away from a subscription type of business model to reduce our carbon footprint.  We have chosen raw materials that are regenerative, compostable, reusable, or recycled.  We ensure that the inks, paints, oils, and other necessities are not harmful to our children nor the environment.  We aim to reduce the demand for non-sustainable toys such as plastic toys and pledge to support ocean plastic clean-ups within the region.


Bamboo, when cut, regenerates by more than an inch per hour.

Natural Inks, Paints, Oils

Only child-safe adhesives, prints, and finish.

Recycled Kraft 

100% recycled Kraft for our paper-based items like packaging.


100% wool that goes back safely to Mother Earth to decompose.

Recycled Acrylic

We use a branded and premium recycled acrylic.

Organic Fabric

Reusable and organic fabrics for travel and storing items.

Our Sustainability Pledge

Forest Lake

After sustainability is regeneration

We are supporting an ocean plastic haul through a daily clean-up drive in Bintan, Indonesia led by the Seven Clean Seas, positively impacting biodiversity and local employment.