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Achieve your playroom goals with our 5-step guide, curated by a team of early childhood professionals.  Did we mention it's free?

A play guide for every home...

From playrooms to play corners, we help families curate learning experiences for their children.


Build the playroom you love!

Design your playroom at home in 5 doable steps, done in under 10 minutes per day.

The House of Sprouts Children Playing with Wooden Toys

We value space, to create a handsome environment and its potential to inspire social, affective and cognitive learning.  The space is an aquarium that mirrors the ideas and values of the people who live in it. LORIS MALAGUZZI

Get inspired with our playbook

Our playbook consists of beautiful illustrations to spark your imagination.  It contains 30 pages of stunning imagery and content to inspire your planning.

The House of Sprouts The PlayBook

Joice from the US, mum of 1 year old

"Excellent combination of Montessori and Reggio Emilia inspired learning experiences for our little learners."

Our editable playbook sets the foundation for a fun, resource-filled play area to support learning through play at home.

Unveil your ideal playroom in five days

Breeze through your planning by doing one task each day and realize your playroom goals by end of the week.  Here's a sneak peak:


Visualizing your culture of play


Establish rhythm of the day


Zoning key learning areas


Plot learning and extensions


Collecting playroom resources

The House of Sprouts ThePlayBook

Great for first time mums who wants to dip to different pedagogies

Set the environment as a third teacher so home makers can manage their home

Navigate home schooling while working at home with preschool children

Promote collaborative play with your multiage children

You have a plan - a structured learning environment to manage the overwhelm through this homeschooling season as we brace for another wave of lockdowns and closures.  Isn't it nice?

Nail down the smooth sailing..