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We provide parents an open canvas to set-up unique learning experiences based on their children's growing and learning needs.  Our products are conscious of its impact to meet every eco parents' need.

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Our Story

We are young parents who started a sustainable living journey for our family.  While living in Melbourne, we discovered and bought wooden toys for our children.  However, they are mostly close-ended toys that we will no longer need once our children achieves a particular skill or no longer challenged by its purpose.  While wooden toys are sustainable, we've asked ourselves what can we do more to make our impact minimal? 


We envision a playroom that is both minimal and sustainable, where eco parents meet their child's learning goals as well as their conscious way of living.

Our Communities

Our founder serves as a Play Ambassador to Toy Association's Genius of Play and a member of Women in Toys.  With the help of Seven Clean Seas, we intend to remove 2,500 plastic toys from the ocean this year.  We are also proud members of the global communities Eco Alliance.

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The House of Sprouts Karen Villard

Karen Villard

Founder and 

Chief Play Officer

(Hong Kong)

The House of Sprouts Nelson Ferrer

Nelson Ferrer

Product Development Lead and Chief Design Engineer


The House of Sprouts Joice Mendelsohn

Joice Mendelsohn

Co-Founder, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

(United States)

The House of Sprouts Naznin Shaikh

Naznin Shaikh

Early Years Professional and Curriculum Advisor


The House of Sprouts Ian Villalobos

Ian Villalobos

Co-Founder, Chief People Officer and Inclusive Lead


The House of Sprouts Joshua Marukot

Joshua Marukot

Clinical Psychologist and Early Childhood Advisor


The House of Sprouts Mathieu Villard

Mathieu Villard

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

(Hong Kong)

The House of Sprouts Najina Majeed

Najina Majeed

Speech and Language Pathologist Advisor


Instigators. Globetrotters. Pioneers. Imagineers.

We are a minority and a women-led social enterprise with a shared vision of a better world for our children and the planet.  Our diverse team of early years, clinical experts, and marketing professionals advocate for our children's rights to play as drafted by the U.N.'s Convention of the Children's Rights.