The House of Sprouts Kahon Modular Box Swap Chunks Shape Color Sorter Kit

A modular toy that can be changed in multiple ways based on your child's growing and learning needs

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With over 20+ ways that your child can play from birth to kindergarten years

24 ways to enjoy and play

play from birth to 5 years

learn early skills by stage

space and travel friendly

The most modular wooden toy box on the planet
The House of Sprouts Kahon Modular Box Swap Chunks for Color Shape Sorter Kit
The House of Sprouts Kahon Modular Box Sustainable Materials

Sustainable Materials

Made of recycled hardwood timber

Kahon Modular Box Modular Parts

Modular Parts

Swap parts to change their play

Kahon Modular Box Forward Compatible

Forward Compatible

Use parts across the product range

Designed to grow with your child

Our wooden toys are made from sustainably sourced hardwood trees that are built to last.  It grows with your child through its modular parts that offer unique types of play.  The open-ended and loose parts can be used across our product range.

For the home minimalist with structured toy rotation in mind

From play rooms to play corners, fits your toy storage system of houses big or small

Luggage-friendly.  Bring when your kids stay with the grannies while you call it a date night


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The House of Sprouts Kahon Modular Box Swap

Starter Kit

Round Ball

Coin Drop

Ball Pound

Peg Pound


Shop Kit

Ice Cream Parlor

Street Skewers

French Bakery


Shape Kit






Community Kit

Postal Box

Medical Bag

Tool Box

Takeaway Box


Color Kit

Colored Shapes

Colored Coins

Colored Sticks


Nature Kit

Seasonal Items

Recycling Bin


Garden Kit

Mushroom Farm

Fruit Bulbs

Tulip Field


Follow your child's curiosities

Begin with our starter kit to receive the box along with the modular parts.  

Comes in bundles of Babies 0-2 years and Preschool 2-5 years.

1 Box
2 Bundles
7 Play Kits
24 Configurations
Plus more soon..
The House of Sprouts Kahon Modular Box Swap Chunks Color Shape Sorter Kit

Curated by an early years professional

Designed by a team of early childhood professionals and clinical experts working with children, having more than a decade of sector experience

The House of Sprouts Kahon Modular Box Chunks Color Shape Sorter Kit


Set the foundations of your child's growing and learning needs.

Emergent Curriculum

Nourish your child's curiosities and interests through our themed kits.

Merged Philosophies

Montessori's structured learning using Reggio's open-ended resources.

Early Years Framework

Meet the learning outcomes of identity, wellbeing, community, learning, and communication.

Serious learning through play

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The wider the range of possibilities we offer children, the more intense will be their motivations and the richer their experiences. LORIS MALAGUZZI

Preschool Teacher
Early Childhood Expert
Clinical Pscyhologist and Mum
Special Education
Kinder Teacher
Paediatric Dentist
Behavior Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Speech Expert
Paediatric Caregiver

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